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Poverty Ministry

We are still in the process of writing this page, but for those who are interested in the "small helps" we attempt to assist with are briefed in the points below, yet have not documented in detail:


  • Urgent food shortage (normally end of month) for families

  • Urgent assistance with prepaid electricity running out

  • Urgent assistance with prepaid airtime for crisis calls

  • Lack of transport to work

  • Any similar urgent needs that hurt "normal life" due to severe lack

We attempt not to create a dependence, but only assist on a "case by case" basis, for those with the most urgent needs and especially where there are families with young children that will be hurt by their lack. Much of the assistance we are able to offer usually is donated by those we may have to ask to contribute in urgent/crisis situations.

The amounts required to alleviate urgent needs are not often considered as much by those who donate and we try to keep small amounts available for these "small helps" that often offer great relief (especially from stress) to those in urgent need.
If you would like to assist to be "called on", please let us know via our contacts page, or if you would like to offer small contributions for this go to our gifts page and label any deposit as "Poverty", which we will keep exclusively for the above purposes.

 Page last updated: 03 January 2022

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