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Health Ministry

We are still in the process of writing this page, but for those who are interested in the "health ministry" we attempt to assist with are briefed in the points below, yet have not documented in detail:


  • Visiting those who are sick in local hospitals (especially if families are unable)

  • Helping those without transport to go visit their family member in local hospitals

  • Visiting families who desire comfort or prayer support for their sick relatives

  • Basically "being with", supporting any who are "in trauma" due to health related situation (patients or family)

We attempt not to create a dependence, but only assist on a "case by case" basis, for those with the most urgent needs related to a health crisis in their life or those of their family.

Often a willing ear or a simple hug or just being with when faced with a health crisis removes the "lonely" of the traumatic situation.

If we are able at the time (or have others who can assist by being "called on"), we may provide some basic essentials for those suddenly in a situation that may require even a small amount of material/practical assistance to "get through" a sudden very trying time related to own or family health crisis.

If you would like to assist to be "called on", please let us know via our contacts page, or if you would like to offer small contributions for this go to our gifts page and label any deposit as "Health", which we will keep exclusively for the above purposes.

 Page last updated: 03 January 2022

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