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Question: Do you minister outside of the Cape Town area?

Answer: We will consider any invitation to minister in any area if it is properly organized with us.
The main problem we have is the travel costs to areas outside of Cape Town, as we find that we are often are in a position of insufficient funds, thus cannot commit beforehand to requests requiring excess budget.

I would like to assist Clean Heart Ministries. What can I do to assist?

Answer: The most obvious answer to this is that we need as many prayer partners as possible to lift up Clean Heart Ministries in prayer as often as possible. If you have specific talents to offer we are open to accepting assistance as the Lord leads and will consider all offers within the context of the Lord's timing and plans for Clean Heart Ministries. Please email us at detailing what the Lord has encouraged you to offer and we will contact you to discuss it in more detail.

Do you have jobs available at Clean Heart Ministries?

Answer: At present, due to budget constraints, we do most of the necessary functions of running the ministry as a family and friends based ministry, but we do hope to eventually grow the ministry in such a way that we may require assistance of salaried staff.
If you strongly feel that you would want to be a part of Clean Heart Ministries please email us at with what you have to offer and we will contact you to discuss it in detail.
We will keep all offers filed in the event of growth that may allow us to expand the ministry with salaried staff.


 Page last updated: 03 January 2022

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