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Clean Heart Ministries
(Ministry Reborn, 05 April 2018.)

The below is lengthy, but please, please, indulge me if you will?
(This is an estimated six minute read).

The Lord called me to give my heart to Jesus when I was 16 years old.
By 18 years old I heard the call to preach and minister.
By 19 years old I was preaching and in 1990 was officially received as a Local Preacher in the church, by the laying on of the hands of fellowship.
Same year Lynn and I married. (Lynn was called to nursing, now practicing again, years later, after raising our children).

I preached at up to 3 services a day on Sundays at times, while working as a computer programmer at Old Mutual during the week.

My children, Joshua and Amy were born in 1993 & 1995 respectively.

By 1997 I felt pressured into going where I knew the Lord was not leading, by well-meaning folk, and eventually resigned from preaching and ministry.

Over time the ministry God had called me to so long ago, I ran from, but even though I did not heed God's continuous call back then till now, I can no longer run and hide. Too many more calls have been coming along frequently now.

I have preached from time to time and had limited ministry times after leaving preaching and ministry. The most memorable and hardest time ever was performing my Mother's funeral service in 2010.

Partial moments of obedience led me to launch "Clean Heart Ministries", (South Africa), that was conceived in 2012.

Been mostly dormant, but the Lord started leading people in need to us in the last year and a few before then too.
Since October 2017 the Lord has called me to intimacy with Him that I cannot begin to understand or explain right now. Time before the Throne of God is precious, as I have never before understood. His Word is nourishment like never before.
Does this mean I have it all together now and am a "Super Christian"?
Absolutely Not!
If anything, rather now seeing and knowing my weaknesses much more and Jesus' completed work as a continuous desperate need for me and every soul.

I believe the Lord is birthing me into the full-time ministry this year. I don't know absolutely how or where it is going, but waiting till He moves and leads.
Through all mentioned above, I've had to learn much, fail even more, empty everything at times. Loops of joys, trials, sadness, isolation, failure, sin, temptation, illness and more.
The Lord led me to give up many things normal to the world, also many bad things. (Still struggling along with some things). I believe that was just introductory training and much more is to come.

Jesus alone will do as He pleases with all the above mentioned seeds. We need to just humbly wait on the Lord and as the Bible says, allow the Holy Spirit to do as He will, as the wind, not knowing where it comes from or where it goes.
May God's Grace open the gate to this path as He sees fit.

Below I offer the outline of where the Lord is leading the call to Clean Heart Ministries and ask if you may be able to assist:


Philippians 2:4
"not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others."

Our Calling:
Faith based and led, immediate hands-on ministry to those with/in real, desperate and at times urgent need. Physically meet the need and spiritually show Jesus is the only permanent solution for all of life on earth and eternity.

Operational Function:
To be a "Christian Trauma Unit".
To facilitate stabilizing urgent needs that any of us as humans may face at times throughout life, sometimes more than once.
Not medical trauma - trauma of the human condition caused mostly by sin in this world.
Minister Jesus as the only solution.
There is a clear calling to meet present needs of a person and facilitate a moving of the person out of "trauma", when stable, to those with a call to receive them and walk with them.
It is not a call to build a church, but rather to be there for those who may fall through the cracks of organized religion.

Focus Areas:
Substance abusers in bondage - minister (as per calling) and send to ministries with the specific skill and calling to help them. (Focus on communications to book the person with specific ministries, facilitate/cover travel costs & necessities to the place of help. Also to give them a Bible as a gift for their journey).
We have also recently started looking at other areas where people are in bondage and in need of deliverance. We trusting the Lord to help us expand these areas and will update as we hear.

• "Minor needs" of struggling families or individuals (good, hard working folk). At times just R30 prepaid electricity or R100 or so, for food for last week of month. Maybe a small amount of airtime to check on their sick child in hospital, while they have to be working. Also "small helps". Example: person needing help to get to shops/hospital/etc. or wherever other minor need, that can make a difference, that we might not even understand.
Essentially to be present for serving where the Lord calls, for those who have no more doors to knock on. Those who everyone has given up on, who are considered completely lost. Again, as per the calling, is to lead them to turn to Jesus as the solution.

Hospital ministry. Patients and families alike. A chat, a hug, a prayer or just being there with them. I've been on both sides of this frequently, gaining some understanding of how "rough" it can be for patients and relatives alike. (There is so much more here, but waiting on the Lord to reveal more).

Additional Areas:
• Teaching as needed or invited.
• Preaching as invited.
• Partnership building with similar small ministries and mainstream churches, where possible overlaps can benefit or gaps can be closed.
• Online website with freely available resources, Biblical teaching and also promotion of other faith based and well established ministries.

The above outline of our calling, functions and focus, is not to go too large, but rather operate in faith, in what Jesus has already accomplished by His life, death and resurrection. Be His body where called.

We have been ministering part-time as above, without much (actually, with help from few, who have given so much) and our estimated operational budget over some time now has averaged only around R2000 per month on ministering.


If you want to be part of this ministry in prayer, hospital visiting, holding us accountable, or any other way, (functions are needed), then please contact us on the below email address to book a meeting to discuss with us:


Finally some brief, developing plans/thoughts:

• We are united as a family to this ministry. Lynn, Joshua, Amy and me are all lending time, prayer, effort and commitment.
• We'd like to give feedback via the website on all work every month (honest feedback - successes or not).
• We will keep records and for any who ask, we are open to share where any time/money has been spent in ministering.
• Plans for email news letter from Clean Heart Ministries in the future somewhere.
• We need to have good Christian folk keeping us on track to the call and thus accountable. (Offers welcome on this).
• We need strong Christians, who love being before the Throne of God in prayer, to commit to pray for the protection and work of the ministry. (Offers welcome).

To anyone who has read this, we covet your prayers for us and those who the Lord sends to us. Please consider, a minute a day even, just to lift us before God or just make mention of the ministry in prayer.

Bless you in Christ our Lord,

Cape Town, South Africa - 05 April 2018



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