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The 101 Group with Jim and Merry Corbett

  The 101 Group is the website of the Corbett family. Jim Corbett is the author of several in print books, most notably "A White Stone". We recommend signing up for Jim's daily newsletter: "Father's Heart Messages".
Additionally you can connect with The 101 Group Facebook site which also offers the daily Father's Heart Messages.



Rapture Ready

  One of the very first prophecy and end time related web sites on the internet that remains current and relevant. Rapture Ready has over 1000 pages of very valuable information both from historic authors right up to current events.



Ken Collins' Web Site

  Ken Collins has provided a very comprehensive site filled with information that covers current trends and explains the details of the Christian church functions, ordinances  and practices in a practical non-denominational way.



John McTernan's Insights

  John McTernan offers a blog related to the end times by focusing on current relevant issues which are unfolding in our time that are related to prophecy from the Bible.



Laridian Bible Software

  Laridian is the home of the PocketBible. There are free Bible software sites on the web, but Laridian offers PC and almost all mobile device Bibles, Dictionaries, Commentaries and much more for reasonable prices. If you serious about Bibles and Bible study then Laridian offers a wide range of products.


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