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Gifts to our ministries

We appreciate any assistance from any who are led by the Lord to bless this ministry, as it is almost the only source of income to assist those whom the Lord leads to us.


If you want to assist/bless this ministry and the needs of those ministered to, we strongly believe any monetary help you want to offer, needs to be carefully considered, making sure those "within your reach", first receive your assistance:


  1. Provide for your family's needs.

  2. Provide for your local church/fellowship.

  3. Provide for needs of your larger family and also
    close friends.

  4. Provide for your local neighbours who may have need.

  5. Bless/assist us if you can, only after you have made sure of the first 4 above provisions.

Please do spend time in prayer about this and give only as God guides your heart.

Our Gift Account is as follows:


Capitec Bank


Account Name



Branch Code



Account Number



You can simply give the reference: "Gift" or your name.

If you wish to dedicate support to a specific part of the ministry then give the reference as one of the following which we will keep dedicated to that specific ministry effort:


Thank you and bless you in Jesus Name.


  • We have no international banking facilities.

  • We do keep records of all ministry transactions that we are willing to share openly from well intentioned requests.

  • Clean Heart Ministries is a family born, faith-based ministry, funded exclusively by gifts from the heart and donations from faith.

  • We have no financial support affiliations.

  • We are not a registered PBO or NPO entity; thus no tax benefits to those giving.


 Page last updated: 03 January 2022

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