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This page has been created to either host resources that we would like to offer you or to link you to resources on the web that we have found useful in our own Christian walk.
Prayer Requests:   We have built a basic web form that will allow any visitors to be able to request prayer. We will initially pray for all who want to have us pray for them for whatever they need prayer, but our hope is to eventually build a strong team of prayer warriors that will lift the requestor up in prayer and we will intercede before the Lord on your behalf.
Prayer Warriors:   We're still busy building a web form that will allow any visitor who would like to partner with us in prayer the opportunity to sign up to be part of a team of prayer warriors that will intercede for anyone who places a prayer request on Clean Heart Ministries prayer request page. We are working out a system to offer different levels of urgency for requests and also different levels of sensitivity. A prayer warrior is essentially any Christian who knows that prayer is of vital importance to the functioning of the Body of Christ and loves to spend time in prayer and has a real burden for interceding for others. It may seem like the least a Christian can do, but in God's economy prayer is serious business and it is only the most dedicated Christian that takes prayer seriously enough to expect results because of their time communing with the Father through Jesus Christ. If you would like to become a partner prayer warrior with us please email us at and request to become a prayer warrior with us. We will use your email address to send you any prayer requests that we receive.
Prayer Answers:   We are currently working on a system where if the prayer requestor responds to how God has worked in their lives after leaving a prayer request at Clean Heart Ministries we will, with that person's permission publish the answers to prayers that were offered up for them. This will hopefully serve to encourage more people to request prayer and build up the prayer warriors faith to pray even more intensely for all who have need and have requested prayer. If you have received an answer to your prayer that you have asked us to partner in, please email us at and let us know what God has done for you.
Devotional - My Utmost for His Highest:   This is a link to one of the most challenging and uplifting daily devotionals every put in print. It doesn't take long to realise that My Utmost for His Highest is truely Holy Spirit inspired to unseat us from our preconceived ideas of Christianity and challenge us to offer all that we are to God.


 Page last updated: 20 July 2012

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