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We often interact with various friends and also the general public and businesses within South Africa, but mainly in the Western Cape.

The following list links to (often family based) local businesses of those who we would recommend, though not an endorsement of their products or services.

The aim of this page is to offer support, by web visibility, to any business having a website that we can offer a link to without cost to them.

We have no financial ties with any of these businesses.

The list below is in no specific or preferential order.



Blue Leaf Metal Prints


We met the owners of this business at our local shopping mall, where they had launched a three day "Hallway Display" of their products.

We had a really good time chatting with the owners.  We were impressed by their unique art display of products and their detailing their services to us with confident ease.

Happy to recommend these folk and encourage taking a look at what they offer. Viewing their products in real life does more justice to their product than any photos can.

In our evaluation, the Metal Prints are ideal for business and medical professionals to add professional (even custom) decor to their business offices.








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