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Contact Form

The idea is to have a web form for easy contact with Clean Heart Ministries.

The web makes it easy for people to communicate in our current times, but it is not without dangers, of which we are very aware. For this reason we are developing our own web form to make it easier for visitors to be able to contact us by submitting a form.

There are many available scripts that do form processing on the internet, but some of the code is very long and complicated and it is not always evident if there has been malicious code written into these form processors. The only solution, that we feel secure with, is to write our own form processor that we can be comfortable in offering to visitors to submit their comments and information. This however can be a lengthy process, but please understand that although it may take us a bit longer to have a web form for submissions available, it is because we have your best interests at heart in preventing any malicious issues when you are just innocently and honestly wanting to communicate with us.

So, for now, we're asking you to communicate with us through the more tried and tested email solution by writing to us at Although it may not be quite as sophisticated as a web form, at least we can receive your communication. We would love to hear from you and hear what our mighty God has placed on your heart to communicate to us.

You are valuable and we hope to work hard to make your communication with us much easier in the near future.

 Page last updated: 01 July 2012

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