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Clean Heart Ministries - Ministry History


Ministry History

A Brief Overview of our ministry's history:

Firstly let's explain this page. It is basically intended to be a timeline or a chronicle of Clean Heart Ministries, which we will update as God grows the ministry.

Ministry for most is not a clear path, as God works in mysterious ways and we believe He raises up (or calls, if you prefer) anyone who is to minister. In many instances the "called" have no intention of ministering as we see in the Bible (people like Moses and Jonah for example). It is often a very confusing experience to be called to ministry, as often the "called" are most profoundly aware of their "poverty" related to their calling. It seems it is often because of this deep awareness of being unsuited to their calling that God works in their circumstances and ensures they are equipped for their calling by His hand alone. Our story may not be as dramatic as others, but we've certainly seen God's hand move and guide us over the past twenty odd years to get us to this point.

Late 1980's till 2011:

A steady involvement in Christian activities from Sunday school teaching, lay preaching, workplace ministry and internet Christian fellowship and ministry in various forms kept us marginally active in the local and global Christian community. In the back of our minds and deeply buried within our hearts the calling to ministry remained, but we had moments where God's calling on our lives surfaced from time to time. Events too vast to document played pivotal roles in maturing our Christian walk and forming a desire to serve God within us. The distant call of the preceding years became a "shout" by the beginning of 2012.

Early 2012:

With absolutely no connection to the "wacky" fringe group "buzz" around the 2012 end of the world theories, we found God's call reaching our ears and filling our lukewarm hearts. The initial call was only fleeting concepts that steadily became more frequent as we took stock of our lives and the situations surrounding us. From our viewpoint this is where our call to this ministry was conceived, but only by the middle of 2012 would certain events lead us to acknowledge God's call actively in rapid steps.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012:

This day marked a sequence of events that would lead us through immense emotional turmoil and deep introspection. The events of the day are not as important for us to share (as they are personal), as the consequence it had on us. After being lead to re-evaluate our lives we sought God with repentant hearts, sadness and a resolute focus to follow His leading with absolute abandonment at any cost. A significant birth process had begun and in the days to follow Clean Heart Ministries was to become the outcome of that deeply personal and significant day in our lives. In a couple of days after the 13th the initial framework and concept for the website had been developed and a logo was made and a search for hosting the site was quickly started. 

Monday, 18 June 2012:

In a quick sequence of events on this day, we borrowed money to pay for the website hosting and registering the domain. Some initial pages and the basic menu system were populated on the newly registered domain. A Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter
presence were also decided on and our Facebook presence was launched on the same day. Registering with search engines, creating email accounts and a plethora of technical issues followed in the days after. Populating the website with contact details and some content have also followed and continue. God put the brakes on everything by Friday the 29th June 2012 and lead us to return to Him in prayer to re-establish our focus and rest in His presence before continuing. We expect that this pattern of working and coming back to our Father will continue as we move forward and we would strongly start doubting everything if we were not called back to spend time with God on a regular basis, for without His guiding hand we have no business continuing in any form of ministry.

 Page last updated: 01 July 2012

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