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Today kept me busy with destroying idols of the past that, even though not being used in any way, have a sentiment attached that is in conflict with God's Word and will.
Praying for God's Grace to guide and rid the silent bondage of such things.
It has been coming along over time, but needs to be dealt with, as God lovingly leads.
Even simple secular books and magazines, that are not really looked at anymore, for example, give a legal ground for the enemy to keep a hold over our lives.
I'm really thankful that God has brought me to "new" light to see this. My son, Joshua and me discussed this at length during our "coffee time" (our daily fellowship time), this morning and he also has started taking stock of items which hold unacceptable sentiment in his life.
This purging is a very important time for us right now.
The process needs to start somewhere. For me it was a break from my passion for IT first (All things computer related, my past IT work, was too much of a passion and had become an idol or idols). Now it has become more specific as God guides.
The basic understanding has been that we should not hold onto anything that conflicts with the new Life that God has been giving us.
It will surely be ongoing.
That which is "of the world" can be used if first consecrated to God's purposes. Like using WhatsApp or Messenger to communicate, not compulsively, but as God guides.
The setting apart though ... requires a definitive break of old worldly sentiment in the heart. That is becoming clear now, yet separating only happens as God shows us our heart motives and veiled intents, which may conflict with His will and Word.
Hebrews 4:12 has been a strong guide to seeing the Word alive and active in this.
Possibly the strongest idols we may hold on to are the hidden idols in our hearts. Several times we may hear and even feel that the sentiment we have is not supposed to be in our lives.
It may come from the voices of others, during a time of prayer and also in reading scripture, as God's loving will constantly offers us light in our darkness.
Our natural human inclination remains the very Adamic sin nature of the flesh - we just will not hear or simply cannot hear God speaking through any of the abovementioned and many more channels. This can be the saddest state of any soul, as it has us wondering why, even as believers, that a very heavy weight is just not lifting from us.
The heavy hand of God will remain and steady growing pressure from the loving heart of God will not leave. We may still read scripture, pray and worship, yet with ever growing coldness, as we remain defiant to God's wooing us away from rebellion. We will look at every other possible cause for our sorry state, while God arranges more situations to get our attention.
This is the nature of the strongholds of idols within our hearts, even if we have removed any physical idols, without having God remove the "heart idols" - our state of life will put us on a path of conflict with God's will. This path will grow ever darker, should the stubborn 'I' of self remain unmoved and refuse to yield to God's dealings with us.
Oftentimes those under the hand of God's dealings and conviction will attempt to show great outward "faith", religious activity and "talk" - to conceal their rebellion, yet never touch or finish listening or reading anything that will convict them of their actual defiance.
The sad state will become a cold empty shell of religion that sees fault in every other, yet never submits before God, with ever growing blame on everything and everyone else. The resulting stone cold heart never finds
Psalm 51 (i.e: the "clean heart") and only eternity will tell the consequence.
We dare not intervene with emotion, thought or any human efforts to force a human outcome when we discern this in anyone. Only God has judgement rights and as such we can only pray that God's will be done in the now tortured soul.
The stubborn soul in this battle often finds themselves isolated (at times together with a few others in the same sorry state), as those who have the fullness of the Life of Christ cannot walk unequally yoked.

The converse is also apparent, as those in rebellion cannot bear to be in the presence of those who shine the Light of Christ.
This sad alienation surely grieves the Holy Spirit who brings the conviction of the full Way, Truth and Life of Christ, to no avail.
Even the strongest conviction from the Holy Spirit may end up remaining just that: "conviction". The intents we may have remains dead religion if the Sword of the Spirit is not active, alive and remains without response, repentance and yielding to the will of God.
Reading through the chronicles of the kings of Israel we see that, even when the chosen nation had active temple worship, God remained grieved that the high places of the foreign gods were not taken down.
The result was a pattern of some blessing and then exile for Israel - never learning, sadly most missed the Messiah when He came in the flesh.
Jesus' next step onto the earth will be different as most of us know very well.
May God have mercy, May Christ have mercy.
Much love in Christ our Lord,

Saturday, 08 December 2018.
Cape Town, South Africa

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